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🚲 MTBW - Women in MTB - New Zealand in a beat up van - Riding with your +1 - SRAM fully wireless system is out!

February 9 · Issue #15 · View online
MTB Weekly
Hey there!
this week I take a look at the all new AXS wireless system from SRAM, which strikes a nice balance between technology and being out of the way to let you enjoy the ride. I also look at the journey of top female athletes and how they are opening the sport up for more women. We also travel to New Zealand and check out some tips to take your significant other riding with you.
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🎽 Making Mountain Biking a Sport for Everyone
It’s great to see more and more women joining the world of mountain biking. This interest is in part fueled by female athletes that have paved the way and shown others that this sport is truly for everyone.
This short film talks to Kialani Hines, Vaea Verbeeck, Miranda Miller, Micayla Gatto and more about what motivates them in the world of competitive mountain biking. It’s also a homage to how awesome Whistler and British Columbia are!
🗺 Guaranteed Adventure: New Zealand, One Van, Four Bikes and No Plan
They say adventure starts when things go wrong. And if that’s the case, buying a heavily used van in New Zealand is a guaranteed adventure!
You don’t need to plan way in advance, you don’t need to go to a remote place, you don’t need clear objectives. Four members of the Freehub Mag crew explored the South Island of New Zealand and realized they are on an adventure. So go take your friends, pack a van, or whatever and set out on an adventure of your own.
💙 Riding with your significant other
What to do to turn your relationship into a riding one. 9 tips from Sandiego Mountain Bike Skills.
🤖 SRAM introduces its fully wireless system
How much tech should be on a bikes? This is a pretty heated topic. And now, there’s more reason than ever to get heated. SRAM just announced its fully wireless system that includes a dropper post and rear derailleur. I actually think that pushing the tech in bikes is a good thing - after all this is what mountain biking has always done. The trick is for the tech to get out of the way and complement the ride, not define it. I think SRAM has got something really good here and I can’t wait to try it out.
💯 Deals of the week
🇪🇺 €66.99 (65% off from €192.99)
👌 If you are looking for a secondary helmet you can take to the bike park, this one is it. And now with a massive discount!
🇪🇺 €74.49 (50% off from €148.49)
👌 Five Ten’s Hellcat is the ultimate MTB shoe for aggressive All-Mountain and Downhill riders & is SPD ready.
🇪🇺 €65.49 (41% off from €111.49)
👌 You can’t really get a cheaper bike bag for your travels, but the reviews look good!
🇺🇸 $49.99 (58% off from $120)
👌 The Giro Jacket Shoes are skate inspired mountain bike shoes designed for a life on the trails.
🇺🇸 $2,499.99 (55% off from $5,499)
👌 The perfect Enduro or All-Mountain Bike needs to strike a delicate balance between numerous factors like geometry, pedal efficiency, rolling resistance, travel, weight, stiffness, durability, price.
🇺🇸 $79.99 (47% off from $150)
👌 Camelbak’s iconic and versatile MTB pack is now designed to give you the Low Rider advantage with a lumbar design that offers more stability during aggressive downhill ride.
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