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🚲 MTBW - The art of hard work with Adrian Marcoux - Tom Owen - 2019 Canyon Strive - Sending it on a tandem mountain bike

January 19 · Issue #12 · View online
MTB Weekly
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thanks for tuning in on this weeks issue. My top story this week is about Adrian Marcoux and his secluded living in the middle of the woods. He’s a professional photographer and spends about half the year on the road. He balances this by staying the other half in a remote place outside of Squamish, BC. I’m glad I could get a glimpse of his life. I was inspired by his idea of balancing things out.
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🌲 The art of hard work with Adrian Marcoux
If you’ve flipped through any of SRAM’s marketing material, chances are you’ve seen his photography. But when he’s not on the road chasing riders, he spends time in his small isolated house outside of Squamish, BC. A house with no running water, no heating, no grid. He uses it to balance out from the hectic world of mountain biking.
“I don’t get bored because there’s always a shit ton to do. It’s not always meant to be an escape, but it’s quiet and nice to have people come share it—use the tub, ride some trails, get all fucking shitty and muddy and wash bikes, have a fire at night, and good food. That’s what it’s about.” 
Tom Owen & the cult of bike mechanics
Tom Owen from Big Sky, Montana has been a bike mechanic for the past 31 years. Through his store Gallatin Alpine Sports he shares his love for mountain biking, the vast public lands of Montana and the camaraderie that this sport brings.
“I hope I do it to the day I die.”
🤯 WTF: Sending it on a tandem mountain bike
These two never stop to amuse me. In this video they attempt to send a tandem mountain bike through some not so simple trails. Worth watching to the end.
🚲 Review: 2019 Canyon Strive
The new Strive is like a freakin’ Transformer! Thanks to it’s Shapeshifter, which is a remote-controlled pressurized air piston that resembles a tiny rear shock, it converts from a killer DH rig to a hard working XC bike. All this to become the ultimate enduro bike.
“I believe the Shapeshifter concept is the ultimate form that a multiple-mode rear suspension can take.”
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👌A reliable bike, with a SRAM NX/GX 11-speed drivetrain and efficient geometry.
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👌The engineers over at the hive thought outside the ring to bring you the ultimate enduro crank for 2x setups.
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