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🚲 MTBW - How to find mountain biking trails for beginners - Bikepacking Cuba - Helidrop in Whistler, Canada - Review: Bontrager Flatline MTN

February 23 · Issue #17 · View online
MTB Weekly
Hey MTBW friends,
I’m very excited to announce my first piece of original content that’s just been published on the brand new blog! It’s a piece for people that are just getting into mountain biking and want to find the right trails to bike. If you know someone like that, please share this with them. Also, leave me any feedback - I’m getting started with this, and would appreciate it mucho!
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Happy reading 🤙

🌲 MTBW Original: How to find mountain biking trails for beginners
If you’re are just getting started with mountain biking you might be wondering what trails are right for you, and where to find them. Or maybe you’d like to take a friend or significant other that’s just getting started for their first ride. I was recently wondering the same, so I’ve put together a guide to find mountain biking trails for beginners.
🗺 Bikepacking Cuba
Cuba by bike and across the bad way: mentally perplexing and physically demanding 1400 kilometers bikepacking route crossing Cuba via rugged dirt tracks, horse paths, sugarcane farm roads, steep rocky mountain roads, and a culture that’s beautifully unique.
🚁 Helidrop in Whistler, Canada
A video chronicling Seth’s helidrop in Whistler, Canada and how he won third place at Dirt Diaries.
👠 Review: Bontrager Flatline MTN
An extremely durable flat shoe with a Vibram sole which seems to have a rubber compound that provides the perfect balance between having your shoe stick to the pedal while still providing adjustability when needed
💯 Deals of the week
🇪🇺 €55.99 (50% off from €111.49)
👌 A shirt you can take on the gnarliest trails and still pull it off at the office the next day (don’t forget to shake the dirt off though!)
🇪🇺 €59.49 - €64.49 (50% off from €111.49)
👌 It’s great not knowing where the trail ends, if you share this ‘single-track’ mind then you need an Escapist 18. Everything we know about building bike packs is in the Escapist.
🇪🇺 €61.99 (50% off from €123.49)
👌 When it’s time for a bike ride but it’s cold, wet and dark, grab the Altura Nightvision Cyclone Jacket for reliable rain protection and eye-catching visibility.
🇺🇸 $399.99 (75% off from $1,569)
👌 With a lightweight chassis and the high performance features you associate with Fox, their Float IRD Factory fork is sure to please. But this fork goes beyond the common technology of yesteryear, forging new ground with integrated electronic control. 
🇺🇸 $8.99 (55% off from $19.99)
👌 The Foundation Twin Valve Pressure Gauge is an important tool that you’ll find yourself using more often than any other tool in your arsenal. 
🇺🇸 $3,599.99 (43% off from $6,323.95)
👌 Founded on Banshee’s all-new KS Link suspension platform, the Spitfire features an insanely supple design as it completely eliminates pivot resistance and nearly all DU bushing rotation. 
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