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🚲 MTBW - Building Trans-Cascadia - What tools do beginners need? - Wrist brace review - MTB shoe guide





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February 2 · Issue #14 · View online
MTB Weekly
Hey mountain biking fans,
happy you tuned in to MTBW this week as well. I’ve got an epic video from Freehub Mag covering the building of the Trans-Cascadia race, as well as an invitation to join this year. The video is beautiful and makes me wish it was summer already!
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Happy reading 🤙

🗺 Building the Trans-Cascadia Race
What is it like to build a back-country race in the middle of the Pacific Northwest? The work is hard but the reward is well worth it. These guys put in months of hard work to put together this race. Tickets for the 2019 race are still available here.
🧰 What tools do beginners need?
If you are new to mountain biking, or just new to servicing your own bike, this video from Seth’s Bike Hacks goes over the basics you’ll need in a toolbox to get the majority of jobs done. I think it’s a great start and I realized that I’ll be adding a couple tools to my box as well.
🚑 Are you recovering from a wrist injury? Check out this wrist brace!
Check out the wrist brace this guys is wearing. If you’ve had a wrist injury, you know that recovering from it and getting back on your bike takes a long time. This device is designed to get you riding sooner without jeopardizing your recovery.
🥾 How to choose the right MTB shoe for you?
Singletracks just put out a nice guide to MTB shoes for men and women. It’s complete with a breakdown of shoe types as well as specific shoe recommendations.
💯 Deals of the week
🇪🇺 €37.49 (70% off from €123.49)
👌 A well built pair of shorts that fits great and will serve you well on the trails. 2 colors still available, but not in all sizes. So check it out quickly.
🇪🇺 €18.99 (69% off from €61.99)
👌 A windproof and showerproof jacket with DWR coating from oneten for an amazing price. Packs light, will come in handy for those wet days and the blue color is rad.
🇪🇺 €49.49 (43% off from €86.49)
👌 Integrated Lycra low-compression zones in a strapless, tapered elastic sleeve with no-slip internal grip zones. Constructed with rugged woven Aramid material to resist abrasion.
🇺🇸 $15.99 (80% off from $79.95)
👌 The main body employs TRUDRI polyester construct which wicks moisture efficiently and breathes easily, keeping you cool and dry. 
🇺🇸 $21.99 (54% off from $48.00)
👌 Basic all rounders for a great price.
🇺🇸 $59.99 (50% off from $120)
👌 One of the most popular MTB helmets out there - well ventilated, well built and for a great price now.
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