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My name is Ondrej and I'm the biker behind MTB Weekly. Every week I bring stories that explore inspiring riders, shred-worthy places and weekly deals right to your inbox.

My name is Ondrej and I'm the biker behind MTB Weekly. Every week I bring stories that explore inspiring riders, shred-worthy places and weekly deals right to your inbox.

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Maxxis Minion lineup explained: How to pick the right Maxxis Minion tire for your bike

Maxxis Minion lineup explained: How to pick the right Maxxis Minion tire for your bikeI was recently looking for a new set of tires for my mountain bike. I asked around for recommendations and one name kept coming up – the Maxxis Minion. The Minion is one of…


🚲 MTBW - Mountain Biking Around San Francisco

I wake up at 7 am, eat a quick breakfast, load up the rented car and head out to Fairfax, California. From San Francisco, it is a 30-minute drive. I meet Mark, from Mountain Bike SF in front of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. My rented Santa Cruz Hightower C …


🚲 MTBW - 10 Best European Towns for Mountain Biking - Patagonia Dirt Roamer Kit - Nino Schurter - Greg Callaghan

live in Bratislava, Slovakia. A city surrounded by forests with some nice singletracks and a vibrant mountain biking community. I’m grateful for where I live but when I travel I sometimes find myself dreaming about other places. I wonder if people ride a lot …


🚲 MTBW - How to find deals on MTB gear - 3 innovations that are changing mountain biking - The White Line - Marzocchi Bomber Z1 review

Helmets, gloves, pads, shoes, lights, bags – you get the idea. Good mountain biking gear can get pretty expensive. And while you can get by with the cheap stuff for a while, eventually you will find yourself wanting to invest in quality gear. But where do you…


🚲 MTBW - Should You Get a 1X or 2X Drivetrain? - Bolivia's Cordillera Real on MTB - Finding Flow on the Best MTB Trails - 10 Bike Products Ranging from Terrible to Great

When I was buying my latest bike I had to chose between a 2x and 1x drivetrain. With almost all manufacturers offering both options in their lineup, it’s another hard choice you need to make. So which one is better a 1x or 2x drivetrain?Read full article


🚲 MTBW - How to find mountain biking trails for beginners - Bikepacking Cuba - Helidrop in Whistler, Canada - Review: Bontrager Flatline MTN

If you’re are just getting started with mountain biking you might be wondering what trails are right for you, and where to find them. Or maybe you’d like to take a friend or significant other that’s just getting started for their first ride. I was recently wo…


🚲 MTBW - Angle Staircase in WA - How to Corner Like a Pro - 10 Bike Hacks for Your First Spring Ride - Review of the Club Ride Shaka Flannel

Jill and Bryn pack up the Sprinter for a weekend adventure to Washington's east side. The destination is Angels Staircase, a 23-mile trail that loops through the Methow Valley and climbs more than 5,000 vertical feet. Topping out at just over 8,000 feet, it's…


🚲 MTBW - Women in MTB - New Zealand in a beat up van - Riding with your +1 - SRAM fully wireless system is out!

It's great to see more and more women joining the world of mountain biking. This interest is in part fueled by female athletes that have paved the way and shown others that this sport is truly for everyone. This short film talks to Kialani Hines, Vaea Verbeec…


🚲 MTBW - Building Trans-Cascadia - What tools do beginners need? - Wrist brace review - MTB shoe guide

What is it like to build a back-country race in the middle of the Pacific Northwest? The work is hard but the reward is well worth it. These guys put in months of hard work to put together this race. Tickets for the 2019 race are still available here.


🚲 MTBW - Bike-packing expedition across Iceland - 10 bike hacks for wet & cold conditions - Giro Ambient Mountain Bike Jacket

I've already shared a video about Iceland, but this one is very different. It shows how rugged the country is and what it takes to bike-pack across it.


🚲 MTBW - The art of hard work with Adrian Marcoux - Tom Owen - 2019 Canyon Strive - Sending it on a tandem mountain bike

If you've flipped through any of SRAM's marketing material, chances are you've seen his photography. But when he's not on the road chasing riders, he spends time in his small isolated house outside of Squamish, BC. A house with no running water, no heating, n…


🚲 MTBW - Phil from Skills with Phil - Madeira & the Trans-Madeira Race - 10 small upgrades to make your bike more capable

I first stumbled on Phil on Seth's bike hacks channel. He's a really cool dude, and and former professional racer that uses his channel to teach mountain bike skills to both beginners and advanced riders. In the video bellow he's helping out Seth pimp his bac…


🚲 MTBW - Joey Schusler - The Swiss Alps - Are hardtails still relevant? - High School Mountain Biking is blowing up in the US

Joey Schusler started racing bikes as a kid, eventually making it into the UCI World Cup. But after 10 years of racing, he could feel it was time for a change and his life shifted to adventuring on his bike. From bikepacking some the wildest places on earth t…


🚲 MTBW - Bikepacking with Sarah Swallow - Guatemala with Eric Porter - 10 bike hacks to improve your bike

I haven't yet been on a proper bikepacking trip, but I hope to go soon. The idea of traveling with all you need to get by, sleeping under the stars and exploring new places is drawing me in. In the meantime, I'm watching others do it. Here is Sarah Swallow an…


🚲 MTBW - Alf, the 82 years old mountain biker - Mallorca - Winter riding tips - Transmissions in MTBs

I love Alf's story. He is an 82 years old cancer surviver that picked up mountain biking when he was 70 to recover from his illness. Today he is shredding it on the trail, as you can see in this video. His enthusiasm is contagious.


🚲 MTBW - Micayla Gatto in India - Via Ferrata on a Mountain Bike - How to bleed your breaks

Micayla's story opens with the following lines:I’m standing outside a hut at the base of the Himalaya, in a tiny village only accessible by foot, being sprayed with cow urine.Wait, what? Well, if you want to get a true lesson in cultural differences, go to th…


🚲 MTBW - Iceland - Wireless gear changes - How to fix a bent derailleur hanger? - A clip shoe that looks good

Manon Carpenter a geology student and downhill world champion, together with Monet Adams go explore and ride in Iceland. This feature is full of volcano craters and massive waterfalls. Beside being a beautiful backdrop for biking, it is also an inspiration fo…


🚲 MTBW - Brett Rheeder - Porcupine Rim - Carbon vs Aluminum - Most common jumping mistakes

What do you do, when you are a kid from Ontario and you really want to make it big in the world of Slopestyle, but the entire sport is looking west? You work your ass off. This 3 part documentary series covers Brett's journey through wins and falls and gives …


🚲MTBW - From MTB to drug smuggler - St. Moritz, Switzerland - Biking down a tree trunk - Buying an MTB

The Champion Mountain Biker Turned Drug Smuggler, Missy Giove was one of MTB's biggest start in the 1990's. All that came to a sudden halt as the industry slowed down. Giove looked for other ways to turn a buck. Turns out mountain bikers are decent drug smugg…


🚲 MTBW - Janne Tjärnström - Biking the Himalayas - How to build a drop in your backyard

I don't have a backyard, but if I did, this would be the best use for it. Check out how Seth built and improved what he dubbed - The North Shore drop!